For taxpayers

We can only help with Federal tax return!

As a general rule, VITA can help you with your federal income tax return if your income is less than $57,000, you have no rental properties, you have no farm income, and you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

Step 1 – Complete the “I’d like to get help with my tax return from WSU-Hoops VITA” form. Be sure to follow the link provided at the end of the form to a Doodle page where you will need to set up a day and time to meet with an IRS-Certified VITA Volunteer Screener. Next, you’ll get a confirmation email from a VITA Volunteer Screener that includes a web link to a Zoom meeting.

What you need to do before your initial Zoom meeting

Step 2 – Get your photo ID ready (Government or state issued identification) because your volunteer will need to confirm your identity.

Step 3 – Read IRS Publication 4836 (“VITA/TCE Free Tax Programs”) and Publication 4053 (“Your Civil Rights Are Protected”).

Step 4 – Complete Part III of Form 14446. If you don’t have a printer, you may need to create a digital signature. If you have trouble, you can do this in your Zoom meeting alongside your Volunteer Screener. Do not provide your Volunteer (or anyone else!) your digital ID password.

Step 5 – Complete Form 13614-C (Intake/Interview & Quality Review Sheet). Don’t worry if you don’t understand it all or don’t know the answers to all of the questions. Your IRS-Certified VITA Volunteer Screener will help you for those difficult parts in your Zoom meeting.  

Step 6 – Scan your tax documents or take photos of them with your phone (e.g., W-2, 1099s, etc.) along with the forms above and save them as a PDF. (Genius Scan is a free document scanner app that you can download to your phone. Just follow the link here, Or you can search Genius Scan in your app store).

At your initial Zoom meeting with your IRS-Certified VITA Volunteer Screener

Step 7 – Your IRS-Certified VITA Volunteer Screener will wait for you on Zoom at your appointed day and time. If you do not arrive within five minutes, the Volunteer will call you at the phone number you provided in Step 1.

Step 8 – The first thing to do in the Zoom meeting is to finalize Form 14446. We must have your completed Form 14446 to help you with your taxes. Your IRS-Certified VITA Volunteer Screener will help you finalize your Form 13614-C (Intake/Interview & Quality Review Sheet). When it’s finished, you’ll email all documents to the Screener’s provided email address. In the subject line, please write your last name and first name like this: Last-name, First-name. Then attach a picture of all photo IDs (one for each taxpayer and one for each dependent claimed) and PDF copies of all tax forms received.

Your first Zoom meeting with the IRS-Certified Return Preparer

Step 9 – In some instances, your Screener will also be your IRS-Certified Return Preparer. In other instances, your IRS-Certified Return Preparer may be different depending on scheduling and on the difficulty of your tax return. If needed, your IRS-Certified Return Preparer will contact you by email to arrange another Zoom meeting. Your assigned IRS-Certified Return Preparer will ask for additional information and will review the return with you.

Your final Zoom meeting with the IRS-Certified Return Preparer

Step 10 – Once your tax return is complete and reviewed for quality, your IRS-Certified Return Preparer will contact you by email to arrange a video chat to finalize the tax return.

Step 11- If the tax return looks good, complete and sign Form 8879 and return via email to your IRS-Certified Return Preparer. The completed tax return will be submitted to the IRS and will be emailed back to you if you’d like.

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