For student volunteers

How do we help the community?
  • Gives the community somewhere to go other than H&R Block or an online tax program
  • Free advice and tax filing
  • Helps connect WSU to the rest of Pullman and helps connect Whitworth to the rest of Spokane
How does it help you?
  • You get to help people who need help!
  • As many volunteer hours as you want:
    • CCE Certified.
    • Counts towards Beta Alpha Psi hours.
  • Learn more about the tax field.
What We’ll Need From You

Every year will start to recruit after the tax season, after April 15th. If you are interested to join VITA please email the VITA president, and you’ll be listed as candidate for next year. We’ll email you if we are holding VITA for next tax season and give you more detailed instructions.

  1. If you want to help with tax returns, you must pass the basic exam
  2. If you don’t pass the basic exam, you will need to pass the Volunteer Standards of Conduct Exam and Intake/Interview and Quality Review Exams.
Our Process

Due to Covid-19 we are holding VITA 100% virtually this year, and we have a special procedure to follow compare to other years.

  1. The taxpayer(s)* is responsible for reading IRS Publication 4836 (“VITA/TCE Free Tax Programs”) and Publication 4053 (“Your Civil Rights Are Protected”) in advance.
  2. The taxpayer makes an appointment via our website and is connected via email with an assigned VITA certified volunteer screener who sends a Zoom meeting link.
  3. The taxpayer completes required VITA tax forms (14446 and 13614-C) in advance as much as possible.
  4. The taxpayer meets with the VITA screener. The taxpayer shows identification, so that the screener can appropriately compare it to the taxpayer. The VITA screener assists the taxpayer(s) in completion of the required VITA forms and to ensure all tax information is properly received. Note: Please encourage taxpayers to use the free Genius Scan app to convert documents to pdf form.
  5. The screener uploads all tax information to TaxSlayer.
  6. The VITA certified return preparer is informed that the taxpayer’s return may be prepared. The preparer may meet with the taxpayer to clarify any items or ask questions.
  7. Once the return is complete, the preparer tags the return for review in TaxSlayer.
  8. A designated reviewer reviews the return and marks the return “failed” or “complete”.
  9. If the return is tagged as “failed”, the preparer will receive review comments to clear and complete. Once the preparer has cleared the review comments, he/she will tag the return for review again in TaxSlayer. The reviewer will then confirm whether the review comments have been cleared.
  10. Once all review comments are cleared, the return will be marked “complete” and the preparer will be instructed to review the final return with the taxpayer.
  11. If the taxpayer approves the final return, the preparer will send Form 8879 to the taxpayer for signature to authorize our VITA site to transmit the return electronically to the IRS.
  12. The return will either show in TaxSlayer that it has been “accepted” or “rejected”. If the return is rejected, the preparer and reviewer will meet with the taxpayer, if necessary, to try and remedy the reason for rejection. If the return cannot be fixed, the taxpayer will be notified.

Please see the “For taxpayer” page for specific details on procedure.

*Taxpayer includes the singular and the plural.